The Yellow Disc

The light was blinding. Then the roar of the meteor was deafening. The impact leaves a five mile radius of the southwest US desert completely decimated. Bright colored smoke starts flowing from the center of the crater.

US military arrives a few minutes later and begins surveying the area. One of the surveyors radios to command, “Sir, we have found what appears to be a human or an alien who looks a lot like a human just outside the blast radius. Whatever it is, it’s still breathing.”

Commander Jenkins tells his men to collect anything that was around the site, even if it’s a bear bottle. “Somebody call Colonel Daraq and get him to Area 51 immediately.”

Inside a special bunker at Area 51, the alien is placed on a table and strapped down as a precaution. Its entire body and face is covered in ash, with burns on a few exposed parts of its body. Medical staff tends to some wounds and then leaves. A few pieces of rubbish pulled from the site are also placed in the confinement room.

The salvage team is in a hanger, sharing stories about what they saw at the site when Colonel Daraq walks into the hanger being briefed by the leader of salvage team. “In addition to the meteor impact a few minutes ago a small town just a dozen or so miles from the impacted was reportedly vaporized. It’s looking like a possible invasion, Colonel. Also, the yellow disc appears to have activated just after the meteor impact. It’s still just sitting in the hanger and can’t be opened, but it’s making an oscillating humming noise. We think we have one of their humanoids.”

Colonel Daraq is accompanied by Commander Jenkins into the room holding the alien. He looks at the alien and then looks at the commander. “Well, I can see how she might scare you, but you don’t have to worry about this alien. She’s my ex-fiance, Jean Brown.”

Jean begins to gain consciousness as she looks up at Colonel Daraq. “What were you doing in the middle of the desert, Jean?”

“I was looking for that bracelet you gave me, Dwayne.” Jean coughs out a laugh.

Colonel Daraq smiles lovingly at Jean. “Let’s get you out of these straps and cleaned up.”


Communications start coming in about another small town in the desert getting vaporized. Radio communications from the sheriff indicate that they encountered red and blue hostiles about the size of a Abrams tank leaving white orbs around the town just prior to losing communication with the sheriff and the town being vaporized.

The military notices immediately that the path of the aliens is inline with Phoenix, Arizona. They begin scrambling fighters, tanks, and helicopters as well as radioing local law enforcement in next town along the aliens’ predicted path. Satellites are also ordered to focus on the region. This is escalated to The President!

Videos on social media start showing up from the town, showing the strange transparent , ghost-like, alien crafts hovering above the ground effortlessly and leaving behind small white orbs. Aerial surveillance is showing that the orbs are emitting a small heat signature but the alien crafts are completely invisible to all radar and sonar.

On the ground, US military has evacuated much of the small town and attempts to engage the aliens. Bullets fly right through the alien craft, having no effect. A helicopter launches a rocket directly at the red colored alien craft. The rocket stops in the middle of the alien craft and starts to explode and then disappears. The red alien craft become less transparent than before. It appears to be feeding off the energy from the missile explosion.

Suddenly, four alien craft speed towards the helicopter, surround it, and then the helicopter starts to explode and then vanishes. The alien crafts each become less transparent than before and continue to go about placing the white orbs throughout the town. The town is vaporized.


Colonel Daraq is walking the now clean but tattered Jean into a hanger where a strange oscillating noise is bouncing off the walls. Colonel Daraq tells Jean about how a massive amount of compressed data was found in the weather balloon that crashed in Roswell, New Mexico. The legend from 200 years ago was that it was an alien spacecraft that crashed, but it was a weather balloon that had a trove of data that they are still trying to decode. The data included instructions for most of the technology developed over the last 200 years, including the mysterious ship in front of them. “Apparently, it activated right after the meteor with those aliens hit. We’re guessing it’s possibly a friendly at this point because it hasn’t done anything but just sit here. My dad nicknamed her The Video Game because… Well, she kinda looks like something out of a video game.”

“Seems like a good name. It even sounds like a video game.” Jean says as she reaches out her hand and touches the alien craft.

Colonel Daraq pulls Jean away from the alien ship as landing gear comes out of the bottom of the craft and starts lifting the ship off the ground. A ramp slowly drops down from the belly of the craft as air comes flowing out of the space ship.

“Maybe it smelled dust from those aliens on you.”

“I promise I scrubbed thoroughly.” Jean says as the sound of air escaping the craft no longer fills the hanger. Jean gets the feeling that the alien craft is on their side.

Several military personnel enter the room along with Commander Jenkins. Jenkins sends a scientist and two men inside the craft. They discover that the craft has positions for what appear to be three pilots and displays around the entire inside of the craft. The displays are showing different ranges of vision in all directions except for one. One is showing what appears to be a diagram of the ghost-like alien crafts that have been vaporizing the small towns.

The scientist explains that the yellow disc appears to be designed for bipedal pilots with two arms and is likely a weapon used to destroy the alien craft that are attacking. The scientist can’t figure out how to operate the spaceship though. Colonel Daraq convinces the commander to allow Jean, the scientist, and him to go inside the ship and try to figure it out. Word comes in about another small town being vaporized, and Jenkins gives the three approval.


Colonel Daraq enters the yellow disc first, with the scientist close behind him. As soon as Jean enters the ship, the ramp closes and Jean is pulled into the center of the ship and is hovering in some sort of anti-gravity field. She freely moves about inside the field and then reaches towards Colonel Daraq. A beam of energy reaches out and grabs the Colonel and pulls him into the anti-gravity field with Jean. She grabs the scientist too.

Jean can hear everything that the Colonel and the scientist are thinking as if they are saying it. Colonel Daraq looks at her, locking eyes. “I love you” they both hear each other say without their mouths moving. They break eye contact as they hear from Jenkins that another small town has been vaporized.

“Let’s get this thing going!” Jean yells as the yellow craft effortlessly breaks through the hanger doors and speeds off towards the next town in the path of the alien craft. The craft is following Jean’s mental commands effortlessly.

Arriving at the town, Jean is able to see a screen with an aerial view of the town with each of the white orbs illuminating on the screen. She can also see the alien craft on the screen with their precise positions. She speeds quickly in the direction of the blue alien craft.

“Um, I still haven’t figured out how to use any weapons on this ship.” The scientist reminds Jean.

It’s too late. The blue alien has spotted them and speeds towards them faster and faster. Jean turns the ship around and starts fleeing. “I’m gonna need something!” She says just as the pink alien craft sideswipes them. The yellow disc crashes to the ground, and power inside the disc is completely lost. There’s no sound of the disc’s engines running anymore, and all three of the pilots are tossed about as the anti-gravity field shuts down.

It’s completely dark inside the yellow disc. The walls of the craft begin to shake, and Jean can hear a haunting sound outside. Then dead silence.

Colonel Daraq pulls his flashlight from his vest pocket, but it’s dead too.

Suddenly, a slow glow begins to shed light inside the yellow disc. As light slowly illuminates the yellow disc, the three pilots check in with each other to make sure there are no major injuries. The scientist is banged up pretty bad.

“You know, I never got your name, kid.” Daraq says as he helps the scientist to his feet.

“Jason, sir.”

“Well, Jason, I’m guessing this is probably the first time you’ve gotten handed a can of whoop ass?”

“Yes, sir.” Jason says weakly.

Power is back on through out the entire ship, and their eyes begin to well up with tears as they look at the displays. The town they were in the middle of is completely vaporized. There is nothing left but them. The aliens are gone.


Infused with a sense of rage, Jean and her co-pilots are determined to figure out how to stop the aliens from vaporizing the next town. The yellow disc is back to full power, and they are heading off to the next town. The scientist is frantically trying to find something… anything that can help them figure out how to stop the alien craft. The diagrams don’t show much other than what he can only surmise to be a quantum computer as the brain of the craft and that the crafts need constant energy or they will slowly die.

Jean stops just outside the town. This town is much bigger than the last one and half the population is still in the town and can no longer be evacuated. They are the town’s last hope!

Jean notices a white orb that’s much larger than the other orbs and emitting a brighter glow. The displays inside the yellow disc begin highlighting the large white orb. Jean sees the blue alien craft off in the distance. The blue alien begins blazing towards the yellow disc even faster than last time. Jean squints her eyes and grinds her teeth in determination and catches the co-pilots by surprise as she sends the craft hurling towards the blue alien.

“Jean! What the hell are you doing?” Colonel Daraq yells as they speed towards the blue craft.

“Trust me!” Jean belts out as she thrusts her hands forward in a motion that makes the yellow disc pickup speed.

Suddenly, the front of the yellow craft opens like a mouth and the large white orb is consumed and the inside of the yellow disc begins to glow with a deep blue hue. The light blue ghost-like craft shows on the display in a dark blue and halts it’s collision course towards the yellow disc and tries going in the opposite direction. Jean pushes forward even faster, and the alien craft is consumed by the yellow disc that is pulsing with energy. The blue alien is destroyed!

“That’s it! Get those giant white orbs!” The scientist explains how he thinks the giant white orbs are the detonators and that the yellow disc utilizes that energy to destroy the alien craft.

Jean looks at the aerial map showing her where the large white orbs are as well as the three remaining alien craft. She systematically lures the alien craft in the direction of the large orbs and then consumes each orb followed by one of the aliens. The last alien is destroyed, and Jean goes through the town with the yellow disc cleaning up each of the white orbs as the local residents cheer their heroes.