Blue Dawn

This infestation was unlike others before; Deeper and more widespread. The usual treatments were falling short as the bloodsucking parasites maneuvered about, cleverly dodging every attempt by the masters to rid their beloved of the irksome interlopers.

The masters were certain that the neighbor’s cat was the culprit. Conniving, cunning, and cerulean, the feline had somehow manipulated its way into proximity of the beloved. The cat had surely found a way to infiltrate the defenses of the masters, so they left no stone unturned and spared no expense.

The masters hired the badger to give the once over of the situation. The badger badged and wagged and lagged and flagged. A rat here and there, even a squirrel! But, alas, nothing could be pinned on the cunning cerulean feline.

Vowing to bring justice to their beloved, the masters continued their quest at a feverish pace, but for each neutralized louse, three filled its place! It even seemed that their beloved was beginning to become accustomed to its infestation as a part of every day life. The irritation was becoming the norm. The kicking, the scratching, and gnawing. The digging, the writhing, and clawing.

Then a new day dawned. The masters awoke to a brilliant blue sky with a golden sunrise! Not long ago, the masters had hired a rat to sit near their beloved. “Don’t dig or tease, just nibble the cheese, please,” the masters said. “Wait for the parasites to come to you.”

And come to the rat, they did! The rat had been finished his shift in the house and returned to the masters with cheddar in hand! “There is a great discovery! I have found a way out of this maze,” exclaimed the rat! “Use this blue soap and this sharp cheddar cheese, and your servant will finally be at ease.”

The blue dawn was rising.