Thrice prior destroy thrice latter
Still, onus the latter to destroy not the former
Fourth branch graves dug and filled in with debt
Atop the hill of no regret
The great equalizer beckons
What you sew suffocates
You are reaped with their last breath

Blue Dawn

This infestation was unlike others before; Deeper and more widespread. The usual treatments were falling short as the bloodsucking parasites maneuvered about, cleverly dodging every attempt by the masters to rid their beloved of the irksome interlopers.

The masters were certain that the neighbor’s cat was the culprit. Conniving, cunning, and cerulean, the feline had somehow manipulated its way into proximity of the beloved. The cat had surely found a way to infiltrate the defenses of the masters, so they left no stone unturned and spared no expense.

The masters hired the badger to give the once over of the situation. The badger badged and wagged and lagged and flagged. A rat here and there, even a squirrel! But, alas, nothing could be pinned on the cunning cerulean feline.

Vowing to bring justice to their beloved, the masters continued their quest at a feverish pace, but for each neutralized louse, three filled its place! It even seemed that their beloved was beginning to become accustomed to its infestation as a part of every day life. The irritation was becoming the norm. The kicking, the scratching, and gnawing. The digging, the writhing, and clawing.

Then a new day dawned. The masters awoke to a brilliant blue sky with a golden sunrise! Not long ago, the masters had hired a rat to sit near their beloved. “Don’t dig or tease, just nibble the cheese, please,” the masters said. “Wait for the parasites to come to you.”

And come to the rat, they did! The rat had been finished his shift in the house and returned to the masters with cheddar in hand! “There is a great discovery! I have found a way out of this maze,” exclaimed the rat! “Use this blue soap and this sharp cheddar cheese, and your servant will finally be at ease.”

The blue dawn was rising.


The Man from Saniti

Behold the Man from Saniti is walking his beast through the land of fools, the Valley of the Great Wind

when he stumbles upon the beast remnants of a local villager who has sinned

So the man from Saniti uses his tools

to take the sin back to his mountain and save the fools

Day after day, week after week, year after year

fools of the Valley of the Great Wind praise the one who makes remnants disappear

One day one Tool of a Fool says to the Other Fool

“The man from Saniti should rule

Just look at all these great deeds he has done for us with his tool”

The Other Fool tells all the other fools that the Man from Saniti should be anointed

“Just look at the work he has performed, surely we won’t be disappointed”

So, the fools anoint the Man from Saniti to enforce the laws of the Valley of Great Wind

One day the man from Saniti steps in a fool’s sin and catches a fool in the act

“By what measure of punishment shall I give you based upon this fact?”

“You are just and fair, I shall clean your boot.”

“You have no tool, you fool, your point is moot.”

“Surely, you have a just punishment. After all, you are the arbiter of truth.”

“What you lack in tools, your tongue makes up for.”

So, the fools lick the man’s boot upon every violation

But a day arose the boots were so clean, the Man from Saniti issues a citation

“What is this citation? Can I not lick your boot any longer?” asks the fool

To which the Man from Saniti says, “There is much to cleanup. I need a bigger tool.”

The fools were in awe of the great wisdom of the Man from Saniti

“As sure as the day is long, we fools shall pay double, even triple your citation!”

Then one day a Great Hot Wind blew down from the Mountain of Saniti through the Valley of the Great Wind

There was a foul odor, and the fools thought for sure it was because they had sinned

“We must ask the wise Man from the Mountain of Saniti what to do!”

So the fools sent a pool of fools to meet with the Man of Saniti.

“I know just the solution for all this pollution!”

The fools rejoiced and sang praise. “Praise be to the Man of Saniti?”

“What is your solution, wise Man of Saniti?”

“My sister, Tirana can cleanup your mess.”

“But she wears no boots, wise Man of Saniti. How shall this be done?”

“She will provide you each with a list of tithing and restraint”

At that very moment one of the tool fools did faint

“Look, the foul odor has made him faint!”

“Praise be to Tirana! Praise be to Saniti!”

The fools sat with Tirana as she developed her plan

One cow for one man

No more, no less

Worried and troubled, the fools began to stress

Men of Saniti, numbering in hundreds, walked in at Tirana’s bequest

The Man of Saniti inquires “What is the worry, fools?”

The Man from Saniti’s boots were dirty

The pool of fools numbered only in thirty

“There is no worry, O wise Man from Saniti. Tirana is wise and just!”

“Praise be to my sister, Tirana?”

“Yes, heaps of praise be to sister Tirana!”

The fools return home to the Valley of the Great Wind

Joyful and gleefully, they tell the other fools of the great plan from Tirana

“Praise be to sister Tirana!”

“Praise be to the Men of Saniti!”

Some Bubbles

Standing on its own, a bubble seemingly floats freely

Through the tunnel the bubble meets other bubbles

Some bubbles much larger

Some bubbles much smaller

Some bubbles merge with other bubbles

Some bubbles split into two or three or more

Some bubbles seem to just fly off into the sky

Some bubbles hit the ground and pop

Some bubbles hit the ground and bounce

Some bubble hit the ground and freeze

Some bubbles seem to lead other bubbles

Some bubbles seem alone

Some bubbles cluster together

Some bubbles consume other bubbles

Some bubbles reflect the sun and shine down on the world like a beacon

Some bubbles form a cloud, blocking the sun

Some bubbles seem to help other bubbles soar to great heights

Some bubbles seem to drag down others down

Some bubbles seem to stagnate

Some bubbles seem to wobble

Some bubbles seem to grow

Some bubble seem to shrink

Each bubble seems unique and yet

What’s inside each bubble is a world of nothing that eventually pops

The Wisest Human Being

There once was a wise human being
A being whose being was to be human and wise
And wise to seek after wisdom
After wisdom sought a wise creature to behold wisdom
And behold a wise creature
This creature, a teacher
A preacher some say
Some say not a preacher
A teacher
And this teacher creature preacher did not speak
Not speaking was the preacher teacher creature

And so the wisest human being devised a plan
A plan devised by the wisest human being of all time to get the creature preacher teacher to become a speaker
“The non speaker teacher creature preacher I’ll ask to share enlightenment with me. Surely the preacher teacher creature will be so flattered and I shall gain wisdom in return.”
Wisdom was not gained and the creature preacher teacher declined to speak

“To speak once more with the teacher creature preacher, I must!” declared the wisest human being of all time
All time the following morning, the wisest human being hiked back the mountain to see the preacher teacher creature with a pad of paper and pencil in hand
In handing the paper to the creature preacher teacher the wisest human being of all time hoped for an answer!
An answer was given
Given on the paper
On the paper was written

I only speak the truth

“The truth surely must be all that I can only speak!” the wisest human being of all time exclaimed!
Exclaiming gratitude, the wisest human being of all time thanked the teacher creature preacher and went back down the mountain
Back down the mountain halfway, the thought arose: but the teacher creature preacher did not speak these words
These words were written not spoken
Not spoken is what the teacher creature preacher has always done

Never done with inquiry, the wisest human being of all time turned back up the mountain
Back up the mountain halfway again to the teacher creature preacher the thought arose: maybe nothing is true and that is why the teacher creature preacher does not speak!
Not speak is what the teacher creature preacher does, and surely there is nothing true in this world
In this world the teacher creature preacher does not speak because there is nothing but falsehoods to speak

To speak with the teacher creature preacher was no longer needed
Needing no longer a hike, the wisest human being of all time turned back down the mountain
Back down the mountain halfway again the thought arose: if there is no truth to be spoken and these words were written then I know not if the written word is true or not true and whether the teacher preacher creature speaks what is true or not true

Not true to hiking back down the mountain, the wisest human being of all time resolved to hike back up the mountain to the teacher creature preacher to confront this dilemma

“This dilemma of speaking only truth but having written such words could leave me with not any truth
Any truth you have, I beg of you to bestow it open me. I promise I shall not to waste let it go”
“Let it go,” said the teacher creature preacher
I cannot just let it go
“Let it go,” again said the teacher creature preacher

The teacher creature preacher was right! The light shown down upon the wisest human being of all time as the knowledge became wisdom and wisdom became excitement
Excited and wise, the wisest human being of all time cheerfully headed back down the mountain
Back down the mountain not 10 steps and the wisest human being of all time turned to the teacher creature preacher and said Thank you

“Thank you”, said the teacher creature preacher and then: the wisest human being of all time knows this story

Surfing the Hand of God

I stand on the shore, visualizing me surfing the waves
I walk down the bluff, long board proudly on my head
I watch surf Sensei demonstrate techniques, and I copy
I walk into the ocean, waves crashing at my feet and surf Sensei by my side
I lie upon my board, giving thought to the instructions
I paddle over one wave and under another, remembering what surf Sensei showed me

I watch the waves form on the horizon, surf Sensei says it’s time to go
I paddle, the wave passes underneath me
I come back to surf Sensei, I had not paddled hard enough

I see the perfect wave forming, just as I had visualized
I turn away from the wave, Sensei knows this is the one
I paddle with all that I have
I feel Sensei pushing me along, how is he keeping up?
I hear a voice calling me to stand up
I feel as though I am one with the wave
I stand
I hear the wave crashing behind me
I still stand on this board as Sensei somehow pushes me along

I step off my board, the fins sticking in the sand
I have made it to shore on the wave I visualized
I hear Sensei yell, “Great job! You did that all on your own!”
I paddle out in disbelief, “You weren’t pushing me?”
I listen on in awe, “I turned around and you were paddling so fast, I didn’t even touch your board”

A wave of emotion engulfs me
It was the hand of God that took me to shore