Surfing the Hand of God

I stand on the shore, visualizing me surfing the waves
I walk down the bluff, long board proudly on my head
I watch surf Sensei demonstrate techniques, and I copy
I walk into the ocean, waves crashing at my feet and surf Sensei by my side
I lie upon my board, giving thought to the instructions
I paddle over one wave and under another, remembering what surf Sensei showed me

I watch the waves form on the horizon, surf Sensei says it’s time to go
I paddle, the wave passes underneath me
I come back to surf Sensei, I had not paddled hard enough

I see the perfect wave forming, just as I had visualized
I turn away from the wave, Sensei knows this is the one
I paddle with all that I have
I feel Sensei pushing me along, how is he keeping up?
I hear a voice calling me to stand up
I feel as though I am one with the wave
I stand
I hear the wave crashing behind me
I still stand on this board as Sensei somehow pushes me along

I step off my board, the fins sticking in the sand
I have made it to shore on the wave I visualized
I hear Sensei yell, “Great job! You did that all on your own!”
I paddle out in disbelief, “You weren’t pushing me?”
I listen on in awe, “I turned around and you were paddling so fast, I didn’t even touch your board”

A wave of emotion engulfs me
It was the hand of God that took me to shore